Settling In Nicely

Love You Always
Sophie And Bob
Me And Bob

Well it is now one week since I was adopted by my mummy Lorraine. She had to drive all the way to Glasgow to pick me up from Katie who runs the fabulous charity who took me in New Beginnings Cavalier Rescue. Mummy wants to raise money for this wonderful cause as without them I would be in a dog home or who knows.

In The Car
In The Car

I love staying in Inverness. I go for walks along the Caledonian Canal and to the park. I have lovely doggy neighbours and another cav called Charlie who is coming over to play with me next week. My Bob takes me out for walks and then we sit in the garden and have a cup of tea or wine in the evening.

Yesterday I had to stay at Nanna and Grandad’s as mummy went out and I was very good. Don’t tell mummy but grandad just cuddled me for hours and gave me fish skins to eat. I love fish skins.

I am about to go for my morning nap while mummy serves breakfast for loads of people. Poor mummy she is always sooo busy. But she still has time for her Princess Sophie.

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