My New Home & Family

Princess Sophie
Me Having A Rest
Me Having A Rest In The Garden

My mummy and Bob live in a big house which they run as a guest house. My nanna and grandad have a house in the garden and I can visit them at any time. They have a basket and bowls for me there and a long grassy garden. My mummy’s nephew said I have a “Beyonce Bootie” – I don’t know what that means but everyone thought it was funny.

Me & Grandad
Me With My Grandad

Mummy calls me her princess and I have loads of pink things including 2 collars, my lead and even the bowls in nanna and grandad’s.  All mummy’s family are really nice and are giving me lots of cuddles and kisses. Mummy’s neighbour even gave me three boxes all wrapped up with toys in them. I am spoiled.

Here is a photo of me with grandad. My grandad was not well yesterday and was in hospital, but I was not allowed to visit him. He is home now and was happy to see me. He gives me my favourite treat fish skins.

Mummy has bought me Lily’s kitchen dog food to eat which I love. I even have bedtime biscuits to make me sleep. Not that I need them to sleep but I do love a biscuit.