My Booster Seat


Mummy bought me a seat for the car from Amazon. I think Auntie Katie told her about it. So many people have asked mummy about it. I can sit up and look out of the window and it is even big enough for me to have a wee snooze in it…(I do like sleeping. A bit like my nana) . Mummy says it so easy to fit and I can be strapped in so I don’t fall out. Oh and I can also eat  fish skins in it… yum yum….


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My Bob’s Boat



My Bob's boat
My Bob’s boat

Yesterday my Bob took me to see his boat. It was a little scary as I had to walk on some bits of wood to get to it. He had to lift me on to this little house thing that sits on loads of water. I liked it as it had a bed room and toilet for mummy and Bob. Mummy says when we go to sea I will have my own bed on the boat. I wonder what sea is? We went up there in granddads car I sat in my seat in the front. I love my booster seat. However after longs walks and a trip to the boat I was a little tired. So had a nap with the favourite toys. It is a horrible day today in Inverness and I am about to go out for my morning walk.


Me and my toys
Me and my toys
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Cavaliers In Need

Cavaliers In Need
Cavaliers In Need

My mummy has just been telling me the wonderful story of how she came to adopt me. When Luke passed away in January mummy was very sad and wanted to adopt an older Cavalier. She tried through many rescue charities but many of them had ex breeding dogs who had to be adopted in pairs. Although I once stayed in a horrible breeding farm it was some years ago.

Mummy then contacted Cavaliers in need in Ireland. She was willing to drive all the way there to adopt a dog. She says its a long way from Inverness. My mummy is soooo lovely.

New Beginnings Cavalier Rescue

They put her in contact with Janet, Charlie my friends mummy, who lives locally and she did a home check. They make sure  you have enough garden and a nice home before you are passed for adoption.

Lovely Janet told mummy about Auntie Katie from NBCR. Auntie Katie emailed mummy my picture and she fell in love with me. Mummy drove all the way to Auntie Katie’s house where  I was staying, 160 miles away, to pick me up. I have also fallen in love with  my lovely kind mummy and my Bob.

I am such a lucky Princess!!!

Mummy hopes my blog will encourage others to adopt older rescue dogs as we do bring joy, happiness and companionship to many.