My Auntie Suzie


My mummy’s best friend Auntie Suzie is coming to stay next week-end.  Me and mummy are so excited to see her.She has a lovely puppy called Poppy who sadly is not allowed on the plane to visit us. Poppy also likes the colour pink. I also have another pen pal called Cody who lives with Auntie Suzie daughter along with 2 other lovely doggies. I hope to see them one day maybe next year .cody

But mummy says its a long long way to drive about 400 miles!! Yikes …I am so looking forward to meeting Auntie Suzie and her Brad. Mummy has told me lots of funny stories about them shopping and on the beach in some strange country called Goa India. She has also said my Bob and Brad drink something called Fenni? But I am not allowed to try it.. Mummy has bought me some lovely Lily’s Kitchen wet food tonight which I ate in seconds.. I am now a little tired so am off for another nap…

lillys kitchensophie49


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