In My New Gardens

In The Garden
Me With My Uncle
Me With My Uncle

I am a very lucky princess as I have 3 gardens to play in. I love running around in the grass and also watching everyone working and watering the garden. The photos of me in the garden are a little blurred as I would not stay still for mummy. My mummy says I am a little nosey and love smelling the plants.

There are many seating areas around and I can sit on chairs and listen to mummy talking to everyone. They all love to talk and a lot of their conversation is about me!

My Breakfast Biscuits
My Breakfast Biscuits

Today I am meeting my great uncle for the first time. He is 89 and I am looking forward to seeing him. He goes shopping every week with Bob (my daddy) as he needs help getting around.

Today is another lovely day so we are spending most of the time outside, which I like, but I do like to sleep in the comfort of my basket.

I had my bedtime biscuit last night which was lovely. It is from Lilly’s kitchen . My mummy buys all my food from this lady called Lilly. I would like to meet her one day to tell her how tasty her food is. My mummy has some lovely friends who send me gifts, Mr Alessi and Mrs Cath Kidston. I am a lucky princess.

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