Getting My Days Sorted

Snuggling Up In A TowelI have had quite a busy few days. I went out for a walk on Saturday with Penny who lives next door and her mummy. It rained quite heavily and we were soaked. However when I got home mummy wrapped me up in a warm towel which I loved.

I am getting into the routine here now. I go out early for a walk with Bob, back for breakfast and then I have a nap while they serve the breakfast to all their guests. As you will see from the photos I do like a nap! Then when I wake up I can get cuddles from mummy and play a little and then I go and visit Doing A Snoozenanna and grandad. I have realised that grandad is a soft touch and he has a massive supply of my favourite fish skins.

Today I am off to visit Anne Gunstone a lady who looked after my mummy’s Luke. Mummy says she is very nice and I have nothing to be scared about. Oh goodie means another ride in my car and my booster seat.

Yet again its raining here but Bob says  it will clear up later and he is going to take me to see his boat! What’s a boat?? Will tell you tomorrow if we go their today.

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