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Run Free My Princess Over The Rainbow Bridge

Love You Always


Sadly I have to inform everyone that our beautiful Princess passed away in our arms suddenly this morning. She is now running free with her brother Luke and all the others over the rainbow bridge.sophie3

She gave Bob and I so much happiness and joy in the few weeks we had her. She is and always will be our Princess.

Above is a photo taken of her at her Bob’s birthday a day ago.

We  wish we could have had her longer but will cherish the few weeks she was in Inverness..

Sleep tight my beautiful darling Sophie xxx


Vets visit


sophie60I visited the vets yesterday. I put on a very sad face hoping mummy would not take me. It did not work. I had some teeth removed and sadly I have a heart murmur so on medication for that. However when I was having a sleep , getting my teeth extracted, I had lovely dreams of my Charlie.


Despite the weather today I  made my Bob take me out on a very long walk. Feeling better today . Sophie xx


Charlie is me darling!!


charlie1Yesterday Charlie came over to play. He looked so handsome with his tie on. We liked each other a lot. But it was so hot for us Charlie decided to sit on his mummy’s knee and I had a nap. However we are going to meet up again. Mummy thinks we are a good match. Auntie Janet gave me a lovely toy and a beautiful card with Cavaliers on it which now sits in our lounge. I am happy as I now have a new friend in Charlie….charlie5charlie3