My name is Sophie, or “Princess” Sophie as my mummy calls me. I don’t really remember much about my past. I think I am about 7 and for the first few years of my life I was on a horrible breeding farm. Then someone bought me but about 2 weeks ago they had to give me up although through no fault of their own. I was taken in by Katie Holland of New Beginnings Cavalier Rescue, a fantastic charity. They found me my new mummy and I moved to Inverness on July 16th.

A bit about my mummy. My mummy lost her husband some years ago and one of the things that got her through all her pain was her lovely cavalier, Luke. Sadly Luke passed away in January this year and my mummy was very sad. She wanted to adopt an older cavalier and tried for months. Then she contacted Katie Holland and the rest is history.

When mummy picked me up we had to travel 160 miles in her silly little 2 seater (well its actually big). I had my own booster seat but I was a little scared. Mummy’s bad singing put me at ease and soon we were at my new home. I have 3 gardens, 3 baskets and loads of toys. The first night I was very good and slept for 8 hours and next day we went for a walk a long the Caledonian Canal.